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 patent pending technology


The latest development in the 3Spine family, designed with ease of use in mind without compromising the effectiveness of our Patented 3Spine System technology. 

Now with our industrial strength velcro sewn directly onto the spine of the saddle pad its never been simpler to achieve unrivalled levels of comfort & freedom under saddle. The low profile, "streamline" design minimises movement between the saddle and saddle pad whilst locking the the spine into the gullet of the saddle, considerably reducing heat, friction and pressure throughout this vulnerable area.

With unique design features such as a our signature pressure reducing spine pattern, Adjustable D-Ring fastening straps, reinforced wither and innovative composition we’ve changed the rules on tradition!


A low profile multi functional product which can be used in place of a traditional saddle pad and half pad set up. The benefit being with the fixed pocket to the pad you can guarantee no movement and even pressure distribution under saddle. Alternatively tailor the insert shims for a bespoke riser system. Front, Rear or Bilateral imbalances can be easily rectified with minimal bulk due to the 5mm Isoprene insert shims and the gradual depth increments they offer. The pad is supplied with 2 x 5mm inserts in each pocket, additional shims can be purchased if required.

The pockets and shims are specifically designed so as not to interfere with the gullet of the saddle and fit over withers or lumber spine. 

For optimum performance we recommend this product is used in combination with the 3Spine system to further benefit from the pressure free results out innovative system offers. For more information please check out the technology pages on this site.

please note this listing is for the saddle pad only. The 3Spine system components are sold individually or alternatively you can purchase as a set.


The patent pending system is a revolutionary step forward to aid performance, freedom of movement & comfort for the horse under saddle.

The fundamental principle is the importance of keeping the spine of the saddle pad firmly into the gullet of the saddle, whilst at the same time keeping the seam and/or binding of the pad clear from the horse. Traditional saddle pads even with “hi wither” features have a nature to spread during use creating pressure points over the wither and behind the saddle. These pressure points are prone to rubbing and or restricted freedom of movement inhibiting comfort and performance of the modern day sport horse. As our thermal imaging study shows the benefits include:

Reduced friction and heat build-up - Even pressure distribution - Promotes circulation and aids injury prevention - Increases comfort


The Streamline system effortlessly addresses the for mentioned flaws in current saddle pad design by locking the anatomically shaped saddle pad into the gullet of the saddle and away from contact with the horse. This is achieved with 3 easy steps:

1. The flexible velcro saddle component easily inserts in the underside gullet of most saddles in the cavity between the tree and seat. Raised extrusions on the locating arms position and hold into place with loop velcro positioned centrally and as near to the rear of the saddle as possible. Once inserted to part can be permanently left in position ready to receive the corresponding velcro attachment on the streamline saddle pad.

2. The industrial strength hook velcro attached along the spine of the saddle pad simply connects with the velcro saddle component. The pad is now locked into the gullet of the saddle over the lumbar spine.

3. Secure the D-Ring fasteners in place with the buckle and keeper. The innovative design stops any spreading of the saddle pad avaoiding unwanted pressure over the withers, whilst doing away with scruffy velcro.


Our obsession with creating products to promote performance and comfort is only rivalled by the desire to do so with flair and panache! The bespoke quilt pattern & sharp lines of the girth protection area compliment each other whilst the rich, yet understated colour selections are deliberate to let the style make its own statement.


The Active Core is a multi-layered construction, the 4Layer composition is explained below:

Layer 1: Against the horse is the soft yet durable Technoline active lining. Blended to hold colour, repel stains, wash & last making for the ultimate lining aiding comfort and performance. The sweat is actively moved away from the skin permeating through the material prioritising comfort and into the the next layer.

Layer 2: The 3D Mesh’s 360 degree ventilated construction allows cool air to disperse this moisture evaporating it the same way as a modern day sports textile, rather than absorbing which other compositions will.

Layer 3: Virgin quality polyfil adds the structure and substance whilst not inhibiting the permeability adding to the sophistic genetics of these pads.

Layer 4: All wrapped up in durable heavy GSM Poly/Cotton outer, blended to hold colour, repel stains, wash & last!



Heavy GSM Oxford polyester reinforces the wither area of the saddle pad. Doing so allows the D-Ring fastening strap to pass through button hole slits locking the front of the saddle pad firmly into the gullet of the saddle. Maintaining the stylish lines of the design whilst allowing the pad to maximise the pressure free results over the wither. Theres never before been such an easy solution to guarantee clearance of a saddle pad over the wither allowing the horse to work without restriction.

D-RING FASTENING STRAPS patent pending technology


Another of our stand out signature features is the adjustable length buckle and clasp fastening method. The D-Ring strap passes through the D at the front of the saddle securing in place passing through keeper neatly sitting in position with it’s tailored fit. The deliberate 15mm width allows for attachment of other clips to saddle d-ring at the same time.

The fastening strap can then if need stay permanently attached to the saddle for ease of use with future application of Evolution saddle pads. Place saddle onto saddle pad sitting the spine tape firmly up into the gullet and with simple multi hole adjustment firmly secure in place with buckle and keeper. The innovative system locks the spine into the saddle gullet stopping any spreading of the saddle pad and stopping unwanted pressure over the wither, whilst doing away with scruffy velcro.


The multi-option loop system allows for easy application and positioning of the saddle. Strong Barr tack stitching maximises durability whilst the heavy GSM Oxford polyester reinforces the girth protection area. This versatility makes for easy fastening to all saddle types including mono flap or double flaps designs whilst effectively stoping the saddle pads from slipping or rucking again improving comforts and performance.