About Us


Evolution - ‘a product of such development; something evolved

Incorporated in March 2018 Evolution Horse was founded by Managing director Michael Loveridge, along with an accomplished team with a vision to change the way equestrian apparel is viewed as more than just fashion accessories. The ethos was then, and remains today, to create innovative products which offer an uncompromising level of quality, design and performance.

Michael spent his early career designing and developing products for some of the fastest growing equestrian brands in Europe. This, along with a passion for  showjumping himself, gave him vast experience and understanding of the equestrian apparel industry.

After successfully launching Evolution Horse as a retail brand the opportunity to partner with Stuebben allowed our products to reach a global audience. Further more we can focus on our mission to continue to develop truly innovative products, to improve comfort and performance for the horse.

Skip forward to today, and we are very proud to have had global recognition as the winner of a Spoga International Innovation Award in 2023. This was for our revolutionary Hybrid tendon boot design which encompasses our vision for what the future of equestrian apparel looks like.

We hope you enjoy our products, and look forward to bringing you many more innovations in the near future and beyond.