About Us


Evolution - ‘a product of such development; something evolved

Incorporated in March 2018 Evolution Horse was no usual start up business. Managing director Michael Loveridge, along with an accomplished team plan to change the way you use saddle pads and other equestrian apparel by making them more than just fashion accessories. Our innovative products offer an uncompromising level of quality, design and performance with a flair for style.

Michael has spent his early career designing and developing products for one of the fastest growing equestrian brands in Europe. This, along with partaking in showjumping himself, has given him vast experience and understanding of the equestrian apparel industry. Working alongside some of the best brands and riders in the world, he has been able to identify areas that need improving in current performance equipment.

The equestrian industry has always been prone to repetition rather than innovation, we plan to break this cycle. We believe there is a gap in the market for inherently technical equipment. Our concepts are not only unique but revolutionary in their performance. 

We can’t wait for horses across all disciplines to benefit from our products and look forward to Evolution Horse becoming your brand of choice.