Fleece Hybrid Fetlock Boots

Suitable for use under all FEI and age restricted classes. Perfect Partners for use with Hybrid Tendon Boots.

The latest Innovation in the Stübben & Evolution family. Designed to anatomically contour the tendon and fetlock for superior comfort and performance. The revolutionary cutaway injection mould design allows natural range of movement without interference, on and off the ground. Raised strike zones down the rear of the boot create impact protection with a multi vented design allowing ventilation throughout the boot for heat transference.

Traditional soft shell and leather boots have always offered protection from brushing, but the down side was limited protection from a strike. This led to many Hard Shell designs which offer this protection, but due to the nature of the “hard shell” they limit the natural range of movement of the horse. The Stübben & Evolution Hybrid range has been developed to be the natural Evolution of these products and the ultimate Hybrid combining the best of all designs which have come before.